George Ostafi - OST


The exhibition:

Oxidation April 2013 Wasserwerk Suceava


George Ostafi - OST - Artist Plastic
George Ostafi - plastic artist

Born December 4, 1961 Suceava, Bukowina, Romania.

Graduate engineering construction machinery, graduated in 1986 from the University Suceava.

Curator at the Museum Bukowina held since 1991, specializing in Public Relations at the Ministry of Culture. Praktika at City Museum

Hornmoldhaus Bietigheim-Bissingen, 4 Months, 2004. Since 1996, Head P.R. Museum of Bukowina outfit.

Self-taught artist, professional painters apprentice workshops and student Abendschule Suceava.

Laureate of international awards satirical graphics, okyo 1983T, 1984 Lecce, Italy, 1986 Legnica, Poland.

Oil on canvas painting exhibitions in the country and abroad since 1985.

Group exhibitions in Chicago 1995 personal-Kempten Germany 1998 Chernivtsi Ukraine-2003 Germany-Bietigheim 2004 Wolfsburg 2005 Ulm 2006 Goettingen, 2006, Augsburg, 2008, Ober-Gleen Kirtorf 2009 numerous exhibitions in Romania.

Present with paintings in private collections in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, England, USA His works are on the walls of many companies and luxury homes in Romania Suceava.

Abstract painter, colorist exuberant approach and acrylicul oil on canvas, preferring large surfaces. His works are nonfigurative have square, practicing painter counterpoint and provocative juxtapositions, appealing to symbols and incifrari, his compositions are full of dynamism, often circular, revolving around a central core.