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Oxidation April 2013 Wasserwerk Suceava


November 2011

Paintings made between 2003 and 2011



Artistic activities in support of training and rewarding talented:




October 2007:

Primary School Ipoteşti / Suceava hours painting technology with students of Fine Arts Circle



Article from the Ipotesti school magazine:

After closure of the Rural Development Project, our school, cultural center "left gates open to all students who are eager to manifest further in the fine arts, poetry, literature, theater.

That, animator "of the painting, I tried to use every opportunity of work with children, to highlight the beautiful, to make some notions about color available, as exemplified by means of models and, of course, the plastic exercise. I use album art, fine art reproductions in Romanian, images downloaded from the Internet, put the video projector and even their own works. An important event in our circle was meeting with artist George Ostafi-Ost, which he accepted with pleasure to come among students and present several ways of working, modern technology in framing technique used in painting workshops. A novelty for the students was the extent of wet paper on the chassis and other techniques of preparation and treatment support work (paper, canvas, wood, cardboard). Later works are now made ​​in preparation for an exhibition of paintings in the Museum Complex Bukovina, in Suceava who also have entered into a partnership.



Some of the works were recently sent to various national and international competitions. Travail students started to see already by awards from the National Contest "under the dome lime Eminescu World" organized by Vrancea County School Inspectorate, Vrancea County Council in January 2008. The top prize was won by Monica Hreniuc student, class VI.

inst. Avadanei Lacramioara


March 2009

Painting offered as prize


During 20-21 March 2009, was held in Suceava second edition of the National Contest of diarist (Diary of high school) Michael Sebastian. The event was initiated by the Department of Romanian Language and Literature National College "Petru Rares" and run in partnership with the School Inspectorate Suceava and University "Stefan cel Mare" by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.

The winners of this edition were following students: Faur Andrew Sabin, Class XI, National College "Horia Crisan hen and" Alba Iulia (Alba): The Grand Prize "Mihail Sebastian" (1000 lei)-Marian Jeanine Butu class XIth National College "brothers Buzesti" Craiova (Dolj) prize (£ 750) Ţaranu Sabinna-Marie, class IX, National College "Petru Rares" Suceava prize II (500 lei ) Ciutacu Madalina, class XII, National College "Gh.M. Murgoci "Braila: Third Prize (250) provided by the person of Mrs. Carmen Steiciuc, County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Suceava (director, Mr Paul Blaj) Ilcus Ciurea Silviana-Maria, Class IX National College of Computer Science "Tudor Vianu" Bucharest special prize (a painting from the collection of George Ostafi).
A special moment was the, giving, public, special prize by acclaimed artist George Ostafi-OST Suceava. After an eloquent presentation of activity painter, made by Mrs. Anca Vieriu, spoke Mr. George Ostafi-OST, which mentioned that gladly gives his who "still hold high the banner of art."

















George Ostafi - OST - Artist Plastic

Idee 2008

Dimensions 40 x 40 till 60 x 60 cm
oil on canavas


Werke von 2000-2003



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